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Weight Loss


Alkagreens Alkagreens contains a variety of vegetables – many of them qualify as “superfoods”, which are highly nutritious foods that provide significant health benefits, and is safe to take during pregnancy.


Body Cleanse Kit

Body Cleanse Kit Our organic body cleanse kit assists you in strengthening and cleansing the primary organs of detoxification, and increasing the effectiveness of our herbal remedies.



CarboClear CarboClear contains natural, organic herbs that can prevent carbohydrates and sugars from being broken down and absorbed by the body, and ingredients that help the body expel the undigested carbohydrates.



CraveEx CraveEx is designed to help you curb your cravings for carbohydrates and sweet foods, while supporting your efforts in losing weight. CraveEx can be taken every day with meals, to help you beat the habit of eating unhealthy foods.



LipoClear LipoClear is a natural fat-blocker supplement that prevents the absorption of dietary fats, and helps the body to dispose of dietary fat without storing it as body fat.


Wulong Oolong Capsules

Wulong Oolong Capsules Wulong-Oolong capsules contain 100% Wulong-Oolong tea, and was formulated for those who prefer capsules, or do not like the taste of tea. It is equally as effective to take Wulong-Oolong capsules.


Wulong-Oolong Tea

Wulong-Oolong Tea Wulong-Oolong tea has been used for hundreds of years in Traditional Chinese Medicine to help patients to lose weight, without having to exercise.