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Secondary Infertility Overcome With FertilPlus & Body Cleanse


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I’m 34 and have 3 kids, and I never used to have problems getting pregnant in the past, but I started a new relationship and wanted to have a child with my fiance. We had been trying for over a year, with no success and my doctor said there was nothing wrong with us, and I was probably not as fertile as I used to be in my younger years.

I started to get discouraged, and thought I would never have another baby. I didn’t want to do IVF (we couldn’t afford that anyway) or take drugs and suffer the side effects, so I looked for a natural solution for both of us.

I bought FertilPlus for Women and Men (the his and hers), the body cleanse and AlkaGreens Plus. It arrived in about 4 days and came with a book that explained how to use the products. I found it very helpful and the products were easy to use.

At first, I felt energized by the products, but after a month, I noticed that I was more tired than usual, and irritable. I just thought I was getting burned out from looking after my kids, but my mom and fiance insisted I took a pregnancy test.

We couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw the two stripes! My fiance kept reading the instructions over and over again, because we were shocked that the herbal remedies could work so fast!

It might seem unbelievable that some natural products can help you get pregnant, but I’m here to say that they work. I’m going to send my unused bottles of FertilPlus to my cousin who is almost 40 and has been trying to get pregnant for years.

Seriously, try it and see for yourself. It worked for us, and we were completely skeptical but I’m so glad I decided to try it anyway.

Mia White, Maricopa Arizona


Pregnant In Only 7 Weeks… After 7 Miscarriages


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Hi there,

My son is six going on seven and I have been trying to get pregnant again ever since. I had 3 miscarriages before him and 4 miscarriages after him. It has been almost 3 years since the last pregnancy. I tried many different things like other pills and herbs getting in shape trying to loose weight but none helped and became very discouraged.

When I heard about fertileplus I figured why not try it. The most that can happen is nothing. I read other peoples stories and got excited. I told my husband about the product and he said go for if they say they can help why put it off.

So I purchased two bottles just to see if I notice any changes in my body and more consistantcy in my cycle firtst. With other testomonials I read it the shortest time I read seemed to have been in 4 months. I figured I try it out as a trail and just buy another supply if I notice any difference that would let me know it was doing something for me.

I began using it as soon as I recieved it and to my surprise I am pregnant. I am extrremely shocked and happy. I still have an eight day supply of the fertiPlus beause I heaven’t even finished the second bottles. I would recommend this to everyone. I thank God 1st and formost bringing this in my path. I thank you for your great works and concerns for those women trying to get pregnant and keep failing.

Judith Muhammad, Alexandria, VA


Pregnant At 48 With Blocked Tubes…
After Trying For 17 Years

Dear Amina

I am 46 and 17 years ago I had an HSG and according to the results, both my fallopian tubes were blocked. I also had ovulation problems, which contributed to not getting pregnant, but my husband had no problems at all.

We did not have the insurance or the funds for IVF so resigned ourselves to having a childless marriage. It was very painful for me, and I felt a tremendous amount of guilt for not producing a child. My situation was not helped by relatives always asking when we would start a family.

Since finding out I have been unable to conceive, it’s been like living under a cloud, thinking that I would lose my husband to an affair, or one day he would announce that he was going to find a woman who could produce children for him. I prayed that one day I would win the lottery so I could have the money to have these much-needed IVF treatments.

I found your website on blocked fallopian tubes in July of 2008 and read through all of the information, the case studies and the scientific research done in China. I was very excited and nervous and wondered if it was for real. I wanted to do all of the 7 steps to have the best chance of getting pregnant, but didn’t have the funds.

I emailed the customer support and a nice lady called Dee recommended I do the body cleanse first for 28 days, then save up to buy the blocked fallopian tube kit, and that is exactly what I did. It took only 7 days for the kit to arrive and it came with instructions.

I did the cleanses as instructed and then waited until payday to get the rest of the kit. There was a lot of useful information in the blocked fallopian tube kit, and for the first time in ages, I had hope that maybe I could get pregnant like all the women on the website.

As soon as my period ended, I made up the herbal tampons, did the massage, yoga, douching, relaxation, capsules and nutritional supplements. I felt so healthy but still nervous… I tried to focus on the natural treatments and tell myself that I maybe wouldn’t see a result for 4 to 6 months.

But after 7 weeks my period was late. I bought a home pregnancy test in the chemist, followed the instructions with shaking hands - I was so scared! When I got a positive result, I had to keep checking. It was unbelievable. I was finally pregnant!!!

I can’t describe how it feels. It feels like I have won the lottery and all my dreams have come true! I am so happy, complete, fulfilled and satisfied. My husband is overjoyed and I feel like he looks at me with new eyes. I can’t wait until the next family gathering when everyone sees me with my huge pregnant belly!

Thank you so much for the research, support and hope you’ve brought back into our lives. At the age of 46, I finally feel that my life can start. The infertility hell is finally over.

Abigail Eke, London, UK


Pregnant In 4 Weeks…
With ONE Blocked Fallopian Tube

I am a 29 year old mother of one & thanks to these fine remedies I am expecting another again.

I have a beautiful little girl which we are blessed for, We began trying for another baby when she was three, only to miscarry. I found out 2 & 1/2 months later I was pregnant again only to find I was carrying twins & one was ectopic & I lost a fallopian tube & my two angels also.

I waited three months to try again without success, as my menstrual cycle went haywire. I was then put on provera to start my period on time & then put on clomid to help me ovulate as I was told I had polycystic ovary symptoms not actual polycystic ovaries.

I felt at this stage I would never carry a baby again. There was so much going against me.

Then I signed up to your website, from which I got a lot of ideas, as my next step would have been IVF. I done the total body cleanse which i have to say is tough to take, but believe me is worth it, I also used the Blocked Fallopian Kit, FertilPlus, & AlkaGreens. I am Glad to say It worked!

I was trying for 14 months & after just four weeks of taking all this I am pregnant & so happy, no words can describe.

To all you ladies out there, don’t give up I nearly did & my life felt destroyed but thank God for these herbal remedies & just four weeks of taking them I am pregnant. I wish I would have done this sooner.

Good luck to all you out there trying to conceive, I know in my own heart & soul what sorrow & torment you are & were going through.

Best wishes

Anna Murray, Co Down, Ireland


Update From Anna (August 14 2008)

Dear Dee How are you? It’s Anna Murray here. Hope you are well. Everything is going fine here thank God, baby seems to be doing well.

I have had two scans now the first to make sure baby was not ectopic and thank God baby is in the womb. The second to see how baby was progressing. So far, keeping all crossed that everything will go well.

The baby is due in March. Thank you so much for all your help & just listening to me. Best wishes & kind regards,


When Artificial Insemination & IVF Failed
FertilPlus Got Us Pregnant

My name is Liz Arnheim and I live in Pretoria, South Africa. I am 32 years old and had been trying to conceive for 5 years.

We both went through medical tests. My husband’s sperm count was said to be excellent. In my case, the first test I took was to check if the fallopian tubes were blocked, and they were not blocked. The second test was the ovulation, and the results were normal. The last diagnosis was that I have fibroids outside the uterus, and that shouldn’t be a problem.

We tried artificial insemination 3 times, but that failed, so we started IVF last year. While going through the process, the clinic’s staff members were friendly. At the first trial of IVF, the doctors knew that the quality of eggs was poor, and that the zona of the egg was also very hard, thus made it hard to hatch. (Out of ten eggs, only one was better) As a result, implantation did not take place. This was not explained to us during the process.

At the second trial, the eggs were of good quality we were told. (Out of 11 eggs 5 were good, and the best 3 were implanted). None of them hatched.

During the IVF process, I felt stressed, energy drained, tired and I had a deep emotional burden after the negative results. I think this happened because the process sounded too real, especially after the Embryo Transfer.

I also felt that the people at the IVF clinic were trying to avoid my calls after blood test because the results were negative.

I wanted to do the liver, colon and kidney detox after the heavy IVF treatment. I got hold of your product by luck when I was searching for cleansing products on Internet. I read Amina’s words on the programme and decided to give it a try. I was sure that it was worth trying while we are waiting for our third IVF treatment in September.

I placed my first order on 02 February 2008. It consisted of FertilPlus and the Body Cleanse Kit. I also placed a second order of Fertil Plus for men on 10 May 2008. My husband agreed to take Fertil plus to maximize our chances of conceiving.

After taking FertilPlus, I had a feeling that there was a hormonal balance taking place because my periods were less painful. Then, after 8 weeks, I missed my period and my breasts became large and sensitive. I suspected I was pregnant but after so many disappointments I didn’t want to say anything until I got a positive pregnancy test.

When the test came out positive, we were very happy. The feeling cannot be expressed in words!

I am 7 weeks now. I will be going for my first sonar on Wednesday 24th July. I hope all is good. I will try to eat properly, and I’ll take AlkaGreens Plus for the nutritional benefits, and rest well and give good energy to the little one in the womb.

So, after 2 failed IVFs, we decided to try fertil plus. We have been taking the capsules for 8 weeks and we just found out that we are 6 weeks pregnant. It’s all thanks to you and your good products.

I recommended your products to two friends in Namibia. One received her order already. I will keep on recommending your products to the friends who are dealing with fertility problems because I want them to be happy as I am.

Liz Arnheim, 32, Pretoria, South Africa