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About Us

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Biotanical Health was founded by our herbalist Amina Christy in 1998. Back then Amina shared a clinic with other holistic practitioners, and recommended herbal remedies to their clients, as well as her own.

In the past, she used to mix up her formulas for her clients to boil up at home, but found that more and more of her clients were asking for encapsulated herbs. Encapsulated herbs are herbs that have been finely ground and put into a capsule for easy use.

It took several months of international travel and fact finding to find an ethical organic manufacturer that was able to produce Amina’s formulas in vegan capsules, but as soon as she did, her client base grew by word of mouth.

Soon, other holistic practitioners in London were asking for her herbal remedies, and the remedies became more and more popular by word of mouth.

In fact, many of our customers were referred to us by kinesiologists, acupuncturists, reflexologists, holistic doctors, nutritionists, massage therapists, reiki practitioners, other herbalists and even life coaches! Our products are endorsed by doctors and dietitians for safety and effectiveness.

If you are a practitioner and would like to supply our products to your clients, you can join our Wholesale Practitioner Program. If you have an online newsletter, website or blog, and you would like to recommend our products to your viewers, we have an Affiliate Program.

Since developing our online presence in 2007, we’ve moved our manufacturing and distribution to the USA, as the majority of our customers are American, but we still offer fast shipping to locations around the world!

Contacting Amina

Amina no longer sees clients, as she the majority of her time is spent on Biotanical Health, researching herbs, and working on her new book. However our friendly Customer Service staff will be happy to assist you in choosing which of our products are right for you.

For your convenience, we have included a “Frequently Asked Questions” section on each product page, which provides you with answers to hundreds of questions about our products.